Impact creates a network of associates and researchers who initiate projects and events in the framework of Impact`s programmatic goals and participate in ongoing projects and initiatives upon the approval of the Executive Board. The associates accept the Statute, goals and principles of Impact.

Borjan Gjuzelov

Borjan Gjuzelov is а PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom. Gjuzelov holds an MA in European Studies from the University of Flensburg, Germany. His main academic and professional interests are related to democratisation of the post-socialist societies, good governance and informality.

Trajche Panov

Trajche Panov is a Research Associate at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies for the GlobalStat Project and a Lecturer in European Politics at the James Madison University, where he teaches courses in the European Union Policy Studies Master Programme. He holds a PhD and a Master of Research from the European University Institute and Master’s degree in Political Science from the Central European University. His research interests include voting behaviour, political parties, European integration, political economy and post-communist countries.


Bashkim Bakiu

Bashkim Bakiu is а PhD Candidate in Political Science at the University Kliment Ohridski and holds an MA in Comparative Local Development (Joint European Master’s degree). He is the president of the Institute for Policy Research and Good Governance (IPRG) in Macedonia. His areas of expertise are: decentralisation, local economic development, minority, ethnic and multicultural issues.


Dane Taleski

Dane Taleski is Adjunct Professor at the South East European University in Macedonia. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the Central European University in Budapest. His main research interests are armed groups, political parties and post-conflict democratization in Southeastern Europe.