Election Compass Macedonia 2016


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Election Compass Macedonia 2016 is a free online tool that allows voters to compare their positions to the positions of the political parties running in the forthcoming elections. The citizens had the opportunity to respond to 30 statements regarding various important policy issues, which have previously been answered by the political parties. The Compass calculates the position of the political parties, positions them on the political scene and compares the political preferences of the citizens with the official positions of the parties, as stated in their platforms, public statements and websites. That way the voters can compare their positions to those of the political parties and they can make informed decisions on which political option to vote for. The tool was available in Macedonian and Albanian at www.izborenkompas.mk from the beginning of the campaign to election day.

Election Compass Macedonia is developed by a team of researchers from the Impact Institute for Research , Kieskompas and the Vrije University in Amsterdam, and the Central European University in Budapest. The project is funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is supported by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Republic of Macedonia.

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